Just like the Scorpions say in this great song: ...it's up to you to make it real...


Cleaning...Cleansing...Healing is our slogan because

whether we are actually cleaning your home physically

or energetically this will help your body relax and heal

itself as mother nature intended, at its own natural

pace. Please read ahead if you would like to learn more

about our unique services as we are among, if not the

first ones, to combine them in such ways to promote

healing from the bottom up. We love our clients and we

love helping them through their healing journey with

every skill we have acquired to date. We never stop

learning  and applying what we learn as we are truly

passionate about what we do.

What is EFT? What is Energy Psychology?

What is Reiki or Energy Healing and what

is the Canadian Reiki Association?

Watch this Video on the science behind EFT

The first step to healing is cleaning

your home environment, which in turn

cleanses the energy in your home,

which in turn allows you to heal. Healing

from the bottom up creates lasting

results you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Clear the blockages that keep you stuck in your messy home environment or get the help you need if you simply have no time. Cleaning, cleansing, healing, these are the correct steps for lasting results. Happy Healing everyone.

Here at the SoulMaid we use different healing techniques to achieve these great results. Our job as healers is to hold the healing space so the clients can relax and  let their body heal naturally at its own pace. Many people tend to live in messy environments because they feel confused in the inside as well. Whatever reason is holding you back we now have EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques paired with amazing coaching in a great branch of energy healing called energy psychology. We don't prescribe nor diagnose. We know how to use the 48 different emotional freedom techniques and work with you, the client, on whatever energy blockage you feel. Is it emotional pain, is it physical, is it a question of not knowing what to do. While energy psychology coaches don't hold the answers to your questions, we are however trained to work with the client at the client's pace to find out what the answers may be and by allowing the client to have a safe place to relax natural healing and clarifications occur.

We help the client become self reliant by learning these techniques and by looking to use her/his internal resources.

Using Reiki, EFT, Coaching and all the energy healing skills we continually add to our repertoire we function as a valuable support system through your healing journey.

If you are an athlete or a sport coach looking for performance improvement we can be very helpful as well.

Energy healing has no boundaries, it is the nature of Energy after all. Change your point of view and change your life, we can help you through all that and teach you how to continue on your own, hence not requiring long years or costly sessions.

If you need more info before you book your EFT session and to see how a session is structured you can watch the following informative videos.